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With Thanks from THE RECIPE CLUB

We don’t mean to gobble up your time, squash your interest, or God-forbid be corny, but really…it is Thanksgiving, the national holiday of food and friendship, and for The Recipe club to ignore this occasion would just make us look like turkeys. (Wattle’d you say? We can’t hear you.)

So we wish you the most delicious, friendly, and joyous Thanksgiving ever! Here’s an idea to make your celebration special: when you’re sitting around the table with those you love (or like, or can barely tolerate) think about using the occasion to start an impromptu Recipe Club meeting.

Start by sharing your favorite food-related story, and then ask everyone around the table to share theirs. We promise: before long you’ll all be laughing, bonding, and relaxing…and deeply thankful to not be talking about politics or religion.

We truly give thanks to all of you who buy our book, visit our site, and share your Recipe Club stories with us! Love from us to you.

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