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The Recipe Club: A Tale of Food and Friendship Has Arrived!

More than 200 guests braved a cold and rainy night to help us celebrate at BookCourt bookstore in Brooklyn, New York, where we outsold any previous literary event in the bookstore’s history! (According to store management, we sold more books in one night than either E.L. Doctorow, James Elroy, or National Book Award nominee Colum McCann!) We are off to an amazing start and are delighted by the warm reader response.

The party was packed!

The party was packed!

We treated our guests to a lavish feast, and got rave reviews for our book’s recipes, including Turkish Cigarettes, First-Kiss Caramel Almond Kisses, Chocolate-Dipped Heart Cookies, Forgiveness Tapenade and Diploma Dip.

The food was fit for friendship.

The food was fit for friendship.

For years we’ve been reading this book aloud to each other, taking turns being Lilly and Val. But this was the first time we ever read to an audience. We looked out onto a sea of expectant faces…took a deep breath…and began.

The audience was attentive.

We loved giving voice to our characters.

At first, the room was very quiet, and you could hear how intently people were listening.

Slient listening room.

You could hear a pin drop.

As we continued, we could feel Lilly and Val becoming real to everybody. (One listener later told us she felt she had “dropped into the consciousness of our characters.”)

The reading enraptured.

Fortunately, they only laughed at the funny parts.

We thanked our fans, friends, and family…and took a bow!

Andrea and Nancy delighted at every turn.

Only eight years to becoming an overnight sensation!

Then we signed our books. We knew we weren’t signing the Declaration of Independence, but still, it was a big moment in our personal history.

Books were signed for all.

We signed 'til the ink ran dry.

And for a happy ending to our big night, we looked around to see readers completely absorbed by our book. We knew then that THE RECIPE CLUB: A TALE OF FOOD AND FRIENDSHIP had found its way into the world.

The room was abuzz with furture cooking adventures.

Some readers discussed our book with passion...

While some couldn't wait for home to get started reading.

...while others couldn't wait for home to start reading.

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