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The Recipe Club’s Food and Friendship Quiz

What’s your true food and friendship personality? How does it compare to the personality of your closest friends? Take this quick Recipe Club Quiz to find out the truth about yourself and the friends you think you know best. Then send it to your friends to see how they measure up!

1. You and a friend are at your favorite restaurant. The waiter gets your order wrong, spills a glass of wine on your tablecloth, and finally brings you underdone chicken and overdone steak. How do you react?
2. Your former roommate invites you to a dinner party. She serves inedible slop, and you can't tell if it's that she doesn't care or she just can't cook to save her life. In response, you:
3. The waiter hands your friend the wine list—but you're the one who knows more about wine. Your friend orders an overpriced, sugar-sweet dessert wine that will be awful with dinner. In response, you:
4. You and your significant other are dining out with your friend and her new, dull boyfriend. It soon becomes obvious that as couples, you and they are not a perfect match. When dinner conversation comes to a halt, you:
5. You're making a dinner party in honor of your best friend's birthday. But everything goes wrong at the last minute: you don't have half the ingredients, you burn the main course, you get out of work too late to make dessert, so you serve store-bought cake instead of the home-made one you've been bragging about. So you:
Find Your Food and Friendship Personality