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From coast to coast, readers of
are taking Lilly and Val’s great idea one step further,
sharing their own stories and recipes with us…and with each other.

If you’re an individual who wants to share a favorite food-themed story–along with the recipe that goes with it–send it to us and we’ll post selected ones on our Food & Friendship Blog.

If you want to form your own Recipe Club, everything you need to get started is in The Perfect Recipe for a Recipe Club, including a sample invitation.

Keep in touch! Tell us who you are, where and when your Recipe Club has met, and we’ll post the news on our website.


“What a delectable read! This book made me realize that friendships aren’t much different than recipes—each requires just the right balance of good ingredients (though I’ll confess, just like the characters in this book, I’ve screwed up both friendships and recipes many a time…). Now that we have a Recipe Club of our own right here in Houston, I’m loving the great excuse it gives me to get my girlfriends together and do what we do best: visit, eat, drink, and laugh!”—Ashley Bryan, member of the Houston Recipe Club.

“The Recipe Club meeting was as warm and fulfilling as a good meal. Not only did we share recipes, we shared the memories that accompanied them, and in the process, learned about each other’s lives. In a group where three generations were represented, as well as different backgrounds and beliefs, we ended up connecting in a special, and unexpected way.”—Carolyn Chris, member of the Park Slope Recipe Club

“Foodin’, fussin’ and feudin’—that’s how I grew up. So preparing for the Recipe Club meeting—figuring out which story to tell and which recipe to share—flooded me with nourishing, nostalgic memories. Like Aunt Violet’s chocolate pudding sandwiches on rye bread. Grandma’s always burned and always love-filled cookies. Mom’s meat loaf or tuna salad. Breakfast with Snap, Crackle, and Pop. Later there was the communal garden, sharing meals, cooking for loved ones, working on the farm, camping out, and one-pot cooking…making up with pasta after a lovers’ quarrel, ritual meals, and sneaking midnight snacks. Then, the Recipe Club meeting happened—and it was magical! We shared intimate tales from our diverse lives. We laughed. And we left with new friends and new recipes. It was better than consciousness raising or therapy groups or prayer meetings. This is the club for me.”—Carol Winer, member of the Park Slope Recipe Club

“The Recipe Club meetings are a chance to connect with people in a unique way. Although I didn’t know any of the members beforehand, I felt a wonderful sense of camaraderie and excitement in hearing everyone’s story. My mother was almost in the room with me when I talked about making minestrone soup with her! The icing on the cake is leaving the meeting with terrific recipes which have special histories.”—Helene Ebenstein, member of the Park Slope Recipe Club