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Crossing Borders

They look familiar…

They look familiar…

We were surprised to be greeted at the Borders in the Time Warner Building at Columbus Circle by two women: ourselves.

Or rather, photos of us, front and center in the doorway of the mega bookstore.

When we entered, the book was beautifully displayed on the New Fiction table. We admired it, nostalgically remembering the days and months–and years–of dreaming this might happen.

The Recipe Club: A Tale of Food & Friendship

The Recipe Club: A Tale of Food & Friendship

It was a blissful moment, until all of a sudden man’s voice boomed over a loudspeaker.

“Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel,” he bellowed. We immediately looked at each other with guilty, horrified expressions…oh no, we’re BUSTED!

It was as if we’d been caught smoking in the junior high school bathroom and were being called to the principal’s office. We shared a complete moment of panic.

But what had we done wrong? The voice continued: “…will be reading from their book, The Recipe Club: A Tale of Food and Friendship. Please join the authors.”

So we picked ourselves off the floor, and proceeded to the events area, where we did precisely that. In fact, joining those authors is becoming sort of a hobby around here.

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